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About Dr Mechler & Mechler Chiropractic Centre

Dr Frank Mechler - Your Indooroopilly ChiropractorAfter receiving his Doctor of Chiropractic and X-ray Spinography degrees from the New York Chiropractic College , Dr Frank P. Mechler did a post-graduate course where he was awarded a Diplomate degree that certified him as a spinal specialist by a Board of Examiners. Dr Mechler practiced in New York City before moving to Brisbane. After practicing at the Westfield Shoppingtown at Indooroopilly (in the western suburbs) for 26 years, he moved across the street to fulfill his dream of being in a multi-disciplinary practice complex, the Indooroopilly Day and Night Medical Centre, to better serve his patients.

Starting in the mid-1980’s, Dr Mechler was first to bring night time office hours to the western suburbs to make it convenient for patients on shift work to get care and also those on their way home from working late. This was even before late-night shopping came to Brisbane.

Also in the mid-80’s, he incorporated a massage therapist in his office to compliment his treatment and the special health needs of his many patients. Acting as the Public Education Officer for the Australian Chiropractic Association he became the first person to publish a Press Release (Qld. Courier-Mail-10 January, 1986) warning parents not to have their babies sleep on their tummy to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Indooroopilly Massage TeamThis amazing insight came about through Dr Mechler’s years of experience treating neck problems. He did further research after his busy office hours and confirmed his suspicions which was soon followed by a research paper entitled “The Vertebral Artery in Health and Disease” It was published in the new Chiropractic Research Journal (Vol 1, No.2). This fresh view of the neck and it’s delicate structures brought many invitations to lecture, not only in Australia, but New Zealand and at the pre-eminent annual Spine Conference in the United States. Since then Dr Mechler has been called upon as an expert witness in a number of legal cases dealing with neck injuries.

Dr Mechler’s realization that wet heat was a better medium than dry heat for relaxing muscles and soothing the underlying nerve structures led to the incorporation of moist heat packs being offered to patients prior to their spinal corrective adjustments in the mid-90’s. This feature proved to be very popular and is still only found in this practice.

Chiropractic Treatment Room The move to specialized rooms, shortly thereafter, in the new Day and Night Medical Centre the practice was significantly enhanced by the arrival of a state-of-the-art chiropractic treatment table utilizing a new low-force technique and a specially built massage table that could accomadate mothers-to-be very comfortably. These additions completed Dr Mechler’s vision for a “modern full-service” approach to natural health and healing that this clinic has be come known for and still is.

Since 1895 chiropractors have had a profound opportunity to help human suffering in a unique way. In helping to restore structural balance through chiropractic's unique spinal treatment many patients have a chance to enjoy the return of their body's homeostasis.