Health Tips

Lighten That Luggage

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009

Man and woman carrying luggage

Traveling this holiday season? If you can resist the temptation to bring along heavy, oversize suitcases then there's a better than average chance you'll start the new year without an injured back, neck or shoulder. Your chiropractor has some guidelines for safely toting that luggage thereby saving you muscle or ligament strain, spinal misalignment or even a possible herniated disc.

DON'T TWIST: When retrieving your carry-on bags from the overhead locker don't rotate your spine. Point your toes in the direction in which your hands are moving, lower your bag and then turn your body to go down the aisle.

PACK LIGHT: This should be obvious; when was the last time you wore everything you put in your suitcase? For your spine's sake, use it or lose it!

ROLL YOUR OWN: Go for the suitcases with wheels and several handles. You still have to carry your luggage from time to time, so wheels will lighten the load and several handles can help you make the right lifing choice.

USE YOUR KNEES: Stand alongside your suitcase and bend your knees when lifting it. Using leg muscles will spare those in your back, shoulders and neck.

SPREAD THE WEIGHT: A couple of smaller bags allow you to distribute the load more evenly than one big one. If you're wearing a backpack, don't sling it over just one shoulder. In all cases, balance is the key and try doing some muscle toning exercises before that big trip.

Toxins In Your French Fries

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009

Toxins in your french fries, do you really want fries with that?

British researchers have found a dangerous chemical present in foods such as french fries, potato chips, cookies and crackers. This chemical is called ACYYLAMIDE. But it's difficult to determine how much of this chemical, which is a natural byproduct of cooking starchy food at high temperature, is present in any given food.

It is now universally agreed that Acrylamide causes cancer, although no one is certain, as yet, exactly how much of the chemical becomes a dangerous dose. Government limits for Acrylamide in a glass of drinking water is .12 micrograms. However, a regular sized serving of french fries can contain 60 micrograms of Acrylamide! Besides the a Big Mac, fries and soda and you'll consume almost twice as many calories as you would if you ate the same weight of pasta and salad.

These are good reasons why you should avoid processed foods as often as possible. Knowing this and doing it takes time but you can get a good start by avoiding foods that have no nutritional value (but turns into Fat) like fries, chips, doughnuts and sugary sodas and op-out of the Obesity Generation!

Fit Balls Can Knock You Flat!

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009

Woman on fit ball risks back pain

Fit Balls (also called Swiss Balls) can seriously injure you if not used and cared for properly. There already have been reports of these balls exploding in homes and in gyms where people have gotten hurt. Here are some important considerations:

Incorrect Inflation: Not all balls are the same quality despite what their labels may indicate. Don't pay less than $50 for one and it's better to buy at a Sports or Gym shop so you can get advice on their use and the size for you. A Tip: If your knees are at right angles when sitting it's the right size. Follow inflation instructions exactly.

Abuse & Damage: Fit balls are commonly kicked around. Impact with an edge may damage the inside skin of the ball. Always look for surface marks and abrasions. If in doubt, do not use the ball.

Age & Environment: The more and harder they are used (like car tyres)the sooner the need to replace them. Exposure to direct sunlight or being left in a hot vehicle will also reduce their burst resistance. Ideally, excercises should be done on a padded floor or mat to reduce injuries....just in case!

Swimming Tips

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009

Swimming Goggles

With Summer coming......swimming is an excellent exercise for your back as it is non-weight bearing and also very good for your cardiovascular fitness.

However, swimming should be restricted to either free style or backstroke, as breaststroke can cause aggravation to a low back problem. This is because the frog leg position used in breaststroke puts undue stress on your sacroiliac joints and on the inside of your knees. If you find you can’t do freestyle properly because of your breathing, then use a snokel and a mask with the added benefit of this placing less stress on your neck.

Correct breathing in freestyle should be done bilaterally (on both sides) as this keeps an equal balance on your neck muscles.

Dedicated Smokers Lose a Decade

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009

Ashtray with cigarettes.

Want to add more years to your life? Easy.....DON'T SMOKE! Smokers die a decade younger on average than non-smokers. It's hard to quit but so vital that you do.

There's bad news even for social or light smokers....a new study reveals that even those who light up just once a day are at dramatically increased risk of heart disease and lung cancer. Norwegian researchers found that people who between one and fice cigaretttes a day are almost 3 times as likely to die from coronary disease than nonsmokers. Men who smoke lightly are almost 3 times more likely to succumb to lung cancer, while are 5 times as likely to die of the disease!

Sir Richard Peto, professor of medical statistics and epidemiology at the University of Oxford, who collaborated on a 30 year study, said, "Those who continue to smoke lose 10 years of life, but stopping smoking at ages 60, 50, 40, or 30 gains three, six, nine or a full 10 years of life expectancy." Don't be a loser...gain extra Life...your loved ones will thank you!!

Cola Caution

Published on Saturday, 29 August 2009


Drinking too much Cola may weaken your bones. Researchers at America's Tufts University have found that women who drank at least one 340ml cola daily over four years had up to 5 per cent less bone-mineral density than women who drank fewer than one a week. Over more years demineralization would increase further.

Experts had thought Cola guzzlers seemed to have lower bone density because they consumed the fizzy stuff instead of milk. However everyone in the latest study drank the same amount of milk, so scientists now think the phosphoric acid added to colas (but not to other soft drinks) for tartness interferes with your body's absorption of calcium in food.

However, there's more danger in Diet Cola with their artificial sweeteners seriously suspected of contributing to the skyrocketing rates of cancer, obesity, diabetes and more! Read Dr Joseph Mercola's book "Sweet Deception" for the shocking truth about Splenda, NutraSweet, etc!