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An Enjoyable Pediatric Seminar

Published on Monday, 30 April 2012

Photo of Dr Frank Mechler at pediatric seminar

pril 2012

I attended a pediatric seminar on the lovely Gold Coast, south of Brisbane, on the 21st & 22nd of April. It was hosted by Glenn Maginness and his lovely wife, Lindy. Glenn has had 25 years as a practicing chiropractor and now specializes exclusively in children's health problems. His vast experience, insight and research knowledge made this seminar not one to be missed.

He made us aware of the huge amount of research in the past 15 years that re-enforces the experiences us chiropractors see in our practice day in and day out. The proven effectiveness of Chiropractic Wellness Care for the newborn, infant and adolescent far surpasses the drug orientated efforts of the medical profession to get and KEEP kids healthy. It is now a matter-of-fact that only chiropractic has the right approach to many childhood ailments by clearing nerve blockages to restore proper, naturally-given function to that child's body.

A New Member Joins Our Team!

Published on Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Our newest staff member at Mechler Chiropractic Centre, Indooroopilly

With the retirement of Phillippa Hennings last month we were fortunate to have Leanne McGurk available to take over the important role of team masseuse with Sandra Ainsley.

Leanne has recently graduated with honours from the Australian College of Massage with the important diploma of Remedial Massage. She has worked in various areas of health care and with her long interest in alternative and natural therapies, if was a natural fit for her to come to our long standing chiropractic practice.

She is happy to have a key role in helping our patients find relaxation and comfort before and/or after their spinal corrective treatments. She is especially enjoying the state-of-the-art massage table that raises and lowers the client according to the massage therapy approach she is using.

So call Carol, our Practice Manager, on 3378-5988 and schedule an appointment for a half hour or hour massage and meet and enjoy Leeanne's talented hands.

Philippa Finishes Up

Published on Sunday, 29 January 2012

Phillipa finishes up with Mechler Chiropractic Centre, Indooroopilly

With much sadness we took our massage therapist, Philippa Henning and he partner Tom, out to a first-time treat at the Sofitel in Brisbane for a buffet dinner. After 5 years of serving our patients and others she had to finish this part of her career as she now steps into a position of greater responsiblity as a teacher of physical education. We had time to reminisce while enjoying the many buffet choices.

She balanced her years at University with working in our office in association with our other massage therapist, Sandra Ainsley. They, as part of our full service Health Team, have quite a following and she will be solely missed now that she did her final massage on Friday. She is eager to hone her teaching skills in the next 2 months and then looking forward to her being assigned to a school.

We all wish her the best and look forward to having her drop by with the latest tales of her experiences. We have already had a new massage therapist in the wings to fill in those important days and times our clients have gotten used to. We'll introduce her to you in our next Update posting.

Memories of a Well-Deserved Holiday

Published on Sunday, 11 December 2011

Holiday pic of the indooroopilly chiropractor, Dr Frank Mechler

After two years with no breaks (except for a 5 day Seminar attendance) and 18 months in the planning our latest holiday succeeded in ticking off another item on our Bucket-List.

For three and half glorious weeks we explored the temples and ruins of Athens, Olympia, Mycenae and Corinth and then further afield on a cruise on the Oceania Nautica through the Greek Islands to see Corfu, Crete (Palace of Knossis), Rhodes, Santorini, Delos, Mykonos, ancient Ephesus and finally sailing in to exotic Istanbul for 3 days. On the way home with Emirates Airlnes we had 4 fascinating days in hot Dubai. Checked out the över-the-top Atlantis Resort, the various shopping malls and was awestruck looking up at the tallest building in the world....the Burj Kalifa

It was wonderful to expereience these fascinating places and also to know our lovely patients were being well looked after by Dr Jeff, our locum of excellence. The staff kept things in fine running condition and everyone was pleased hearing that we were relaxing and enjoying the sights and looking forward to more detailed descriptions and photos of our adventure. Our reception desk Photo Frame will get a workout.

Time for that Staff Christmas Party

Published on Thursday, 08 December 2011

Mechler Chiropractic staff christmas party

With Christmas just 3 weeks away and holiday decorations put up in the office it was time for an office Staff Party to get into the mood.

I was delighted to have our team of massage therapists and chiropractic assistants come to our family home for a truly special Brunch prepared by Carol, our Practice Manager. Unfortunately, one of our assistants, Kristy Quinlan, was out of town for this event but for the others it was Eat, Drink and be Merry. The choice of many variety of sweet and savory foods was not only a delight to the eye but to the taste buds as well. The Bunch proceeded well into the afternoon with lots of laughs and conversation.

Our hoilday day hours have been worked out. We will finish on Friday the 23rd. Between Christmas and New Years we'll have a few "steping-stone"days as we call them of Thursday the 28th, Friday the 29th and Saturday morning, the 31st to enable our newer patients treatments through the holidays and any of those impetuous types that injure themselves. After a bit more rest we will reopen again on Tuesday, the 3rd of January.

I trust no one will miss their appointed visiits prior to the holiday break so as to maintain that vibrant nervous system you worked so hatd to acheive. Remember, any slackness at this time of stress and high activity could easily reward you with needless pain and discomfort. Don't chance it!

And not to forget.....we all wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

It's Time for a Holiday!

Published on Saturday, 06 August 2011

Our destinations for our holiday and a break from being the best chiropractor in Indooroopilly

Well....after a very busy 9 months of this historic year (Brisbane Flood #2) my lovely soulmate and I are taking a much needed holiday overseas. This time we are going to explore Athens for a few days and have a 12 day cruise through the Greek Islands ending up in Istabul. For this cruise we are taking a smaller ship holding 648 fellow adventurers that will be able to get into the harbours of some of the smaller islands.

The ship is called the Nautica from the Oceania Cruise Lines and staying in a stateroom with a balcony I'm sure we shouldn't find any reasion not to relax. We have reserved a few on-shore excursions so as to make the most of our time in the each port. This way a dedicated local guide will allow us to see the many sights that these islands have to offer stress free.

We will be away from Wednesday 15th of September and return to my practice on Monday, the 10th of October. We have an enthusiastic locum fellow, by the name of Jeffery Yadlosky, starting on the 21st of September (Wednesday) and finishing on the 8th of October (Saturday). We have covered all the bases from a housesitter to having our loyal staff (Wendy, Kristy & Kate) sharing the days that Jeffery is treating my patients. We are looking forward to good

Holiday Time Again!

Published on Friday, 10 December 2010

Staff christmas party hosted by the indooroopilly chiropractor, Dr Frank Mechler

It's holiday time again with Christmas 3 weeks away. It sure seemed to come around quite quickly. We already have the decorations up in the office with the wine in the fridge for our traditional (15 years now!) afternoon/evening stress-reliever offering of Christmas Cheer to our patients. Strictly for medicinal purposes only.

I was delighted to take our massage therapists and chiropractic assistants out to the CEYLON INN in Graceville on Friday night for our annual staff christmas party. We all had a delightful time. Great food, lively conversation and we were allowed to stay late.

Our holiday hours have been worked out. We will finish on the evening of Thursday the 23rd. Between Christmas and New Years we'll be closed except for all day on Wednesday the 29th. After a bit more rest we will reopen again on Wednesday the 5th of January.

I trust no one will miss their appointed visits prior to the holiday break so as to maintain the vibrant nervous system you worked so hard to acheive. Remember, any slackness at this time of stress and high activity could easily reward you with needless pain and discomfort. Don't chance it!

Roxon Gets the BIG IDEA!

Published on Sunday, 14 November 2010


Nicola Roxon MP, Minister for Health and Aging, contacted our association while we were enjoying our 3 day weekend Annual Conference in Cairns last month. She wrote our President Simon Fiorini an Email which he read out to the members attending the lectures:

'"Dear Dr Fiorini, I'm aware that your association is having its Annual Conference this weekend and I feel it is an ideal time for me to let you and a your attending delegates know that from now on I personally, as well as my Health Ministry, now consider Chiropractors "specialists-in-their-own-right".

She went on to intimate that she would like to make the manipulation of the spine the sole domain of the chiropractic profession. She said she was working on that and it would eventually come about but for now she said; "This coming Monday I will be notifying the other registered professions in this country that from now on manipulation of the NECK will be the exclusive domain of the chiropractors.'' It certainly was a historic and outstanding moment for us who have worked very hard to get the government to realize that we have something very profound to contribute to the health and well being of the people of Australia and this goes way beyond treating low back and stiff neck/headache conditions.

In fact, it has been the last 12 months that helped our Health Minister get the Big Idea about the immense potential of the chiropractic approach to Wellness Care. Something chiropractors and those enlightened patients who have been utilizing it for the past 40 years now! Our past submissions and this past years discussions revealing extraordinary research discoveries have finally convinced her that chiropractic wellness care could be the answer the government is looking for to arrest the tsunami of sick people coming in the future to overwhelm our country's health infrastruture.

Last December, the revelation that within 30-45 minutes after a chiropractic treatment (appropriately called an adjustment ) the body's immune systen releases approximately 10,000 antibodies throughout the patient's system. Then 6 months later came the discovery that any patient on a regular Wellness schedule for more than a year will have their body's mechanism for DNA repair enhanced so as to slow down the aging process to a beneficial degree. I know, as I have seen this in my Wellness patients over the past 40 years. These people now look and feel 10-15 yeas younger and don't have the dread of chronic disease in their future.

This is exactly what Nicola Roxon needed to know so now she can put together a major National Health Protection initiative in the near future with chiropractors becoming a big factor in getting this program defined and up and running so real wellness will become the leading health feature of our nation..

Time to Learn Again

Published on Sunday, 10 October 2010

Seminar on chiropractic

It's time for us to attend our Chiropractic Association of Australia's National Development Forum and Annual Conference in Cairns, North Queensland on 15th to 17th of October.

The quality program incudes presentations and workshops in neurology, nutrition and the latest findings on the further advantages of Wellness Care (our speciality). Dr Damian Kristof, the "Nutrition Magician", will give us more information on the latest information to give our patients to aid in their recovery and future good health and wellbeing.

Another highlight of the forum will be leading paediatric lecturer, Dr Genevieve Keating, discussing her work and passion in develping childhood brains and how chiropractic care has a guiding hand in this process. Dr Keating has 18 years experience in this work and is currently Assistant Professor of the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies, teaching the Chiropractic Neurology Programme in Australia in which she intergrates paediatric development and function.

Our office will be CLOSED from Wednesday the 13th of October to open again on Tuesday afternoon the 19th of October. We look forward to returning with renewed passion and energy.

Swine Flu DANGER Report

Published on Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Elderly man getting a flu shot

NOW IT STARTS! The swine flu campaign is in full swing and now the reports of its side effects are coming in. I have warned my patients, friends and anyone coming to this website about the inherent dangers of the swine flu shot or any vaccine for that matter. It has been rushed out with minimal testing and loaded with a mercury-based perservative "Thimerosal".

Mercury, in all its forms, is one of the most poisonous substances known. It has affinity for the brain, gut, liver, bone marrow and kidneys. Minute amounts (as in a flu shot) can cause nerve damage. Even after decade of scientific calls for its removal as a preservative in vaccines, drug companies continue to ignore these warnings. And now the government also ignores the potential of side effects in its head-long rush to push the 21 million doses it paid for on the most vulnerable the our society; pregnant women, the weak in heart and/or lungs and the elderly.

Already, in the past month, two of my elderly patients arrived at my office for their spine-saving adjustments and reported that they were enticed into getting the swine flu shot a 5 weeks ago. The next day they both lost their sense of smell and taste that still hasn't returned. We can only hope there isn't any further neurological damage to surface in the next weeks, because that's what frequently happens. Another patient this past month got blood clots in her lungs that was documented to the Swine Flu shot a few weeks prior to her condition developing. All the respiratory specialists could offer was, "we'll wait and see and hope for the best".

Now, last week an elderly woman patient was diagnosed with Gillian-Barre Syndrome, a particularly nasty autoimmune disease stimulated by the concortion in the Swine Flu vaccination. She first noticed double vision in her left eye then the eyelid dropped and it spread to the other eye. Shortly after that weakness in her legs developed. Once the disease affects the's fatal! She is on high doses of immunoglobulin to suppress the progressive peripheral nerve damage occuring. Doctor's say it could take 12 months to get her right, if ever! This is not a rare affectation of this kind of vaccination. In the last Swine Flu "epidemic" in 1976, more people died of Gillian-Barre Syndrome than the Swine Flu itself!

See my HEALTH TIPS page for further information on this danger and hopefully it makes you think twice about thinking you can get a quick immunity fix through a needle. That kind of immunity response doesn't last, only naturally acquired immunity lasts a lifetime. This a Fact: Your immunity and your nervous are intimately tied together and will be tremedously enhanced through chiropractic's well-known WELLNESS CARE approach. We prove it every day in our office.