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Greetings to my many patients and friends! After much thought, I have decided to have a Blog purely devoted to a Healthy and Wealthy lifestyle. It'll expand on this present website's Health Tips page.

My considerable research and internet connections over the last 4 years has given me access to, at times, exclusive revelations. Many of you remember my exposure of Ansel Keyes (April, 2010), the man who started the cholesterol/heart disease myth which, only now, has been written about and revealed on a television documentary. You read it first on this very Website.

I intend to keep up and even better the information I have given you so far so you all can benefit from the latest in health and wealth reports world-wide. gauge the amount of enthusiasm and interest in this new venture, I'm asking those of you who are keen on this simply subscribe to Dr Frank's Healthy and Wealthy Blog at no cost to you. If you do, I will send you a complimentary copy of my new informative eBook I have just finished writing entitled: 20 TIPS to Care for your Low Back.

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20 TIPS To Care For Your Low Back
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